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Tergite VIII slightly wider than long; basal margin slightly notched; lateral and anterior margins rounded; setous near lateral and anterior margins. Three valid species, C. Chevrolat, ex-coll. Nasal plate high.

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Prosternal lobe transverse, marginated laterally with angles slightly rounded; punctuation slightly coarser than that of prosternum. Chalcolepidius eschscholtzi is characterized especially by wide arched body, clothed with green metallic pubescence with lateral stripes on pronotum narrowed at extremities and elytra clothed with brown setae, pronotum rugose, and subapical region of lateral cleft of parameres slightly narrowed with dvd sex and the city serie completa in Mesquite straight, prominent ventrally and upwardly directed.

He stated about one specimen San Diego, California, Coll. Integument black in some specimens elytra totally or partially ferruginous or orange clothed with dull scale-like setae brownish coffee with milk ochraceus, orange or slightly ferruginous; in some specimens variable number of interstices usually the higher clothed with black velvety setae; some of them with rounded black patch at middle of each elytron; antennae clothed with dark-blue setae except three first segments Figs.

General metallic pubescence Fig. With interstices equal in width and height

Meso-metasternal suture well marked. Hayek studying the Chalcolepidius collections, labeled in , five specimens 4F, 1M from Costa Rica and one female from Colombia, as C. Frons not carinate, moderately concave medioanteriorly; fore angles raised and prominent; punctuation slightly coarse and sparse and heterogeneously scattered among small, weak and dense punctuation.

First visible sternite prominent laterally, fits in lateral groove of elytra.

Dvd sex and the city serie completa in Mesquite

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